Criteria for Opportunities

In order to be eligible for consideration by the Network, Opportunities should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The Opportunity has developed a novel medical technology or therapeutic with a well-articulated healthcare benefit
  • The technology is between post proof-of-concept and early clinical development
  • Opportunities that have identified a specific technology will be strongly preferred over those engaged in exploratory research
  • The Opportunity is seeking a total of up to $2 million in investment to achieve a meaningful milestone that will further de-risk the Opportunity
  • Opportunities that have secured non-dilutive and/or grant funding strongly preferred
  • Opportunities that have identified a lead investor strongly preferred
  • Well articulated and understood regulatory pathway
  • Preference will be given to Opportunities that can rely on expedited regulatory pathways and that obtain regulatory approvals in a capital efficient manner
  • Experienced team with ability to execute and with breadth of expertise, both scientific and management
  • The Opportunity has assembled an experienced board of directors, including external directors
  • The Opportunity has assembled a strong board of advisors